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I've reorganized this page into multiple pages to reduce the load time for dial up users.

These pictures were taken at the restoration shop that is doing the major bodywork on my 1969 Dodge Charger. I get updates and digital pictures on a regular basis and I try to keep these pages up to date with the progress on the car.

Start at Page 1 and work your way through using the "next" or "previous" buttons at the top and bottom of each page, or just jump to the page you want to see by using the links below. I'll work on getting a description beside each link.

Page 1 Right after sandblasting; Test fitting some new panels.

Page 2 Working on the front rails and center crossmember.

Page 3 More Front Rail work.

Page 4 New front rails; Rear rail work and inner wheel house work.

Page 5 K-Frame and Rear-end prime and paint.

Page 6 Inner Fenders and front frame rail work.

Page 7 K-Frame and Torsion Bars go back on.

Page 8 Loose Panel work and Front Floor Pans.

Page 9 Quarter Panel test fit and primer inside and under floor pans.

Page 10 Tail Panel; High Build Primer; Inner Fenders and Rear Shackles

Page 11 Rear Frame Rails; Rear Cross Member; and Rear Valence

Page 12 Left Trunk Pan test fit. Driver's Side Quarter panel Stitch welded in.

Page 13 Trunk pans are tacked in place. The passenger's side quarter was hung and  the dent on top worked out.

Page 14 The roof was cleaned up and some more sanding done on the quarter panels.

Page 15 Some pictures that I took when I dropped in to see the car.

Page 16 The doors are going on and some other items checked for fit.

Page 17 Some Etch Primer went on the doors and firewall.

Page 18 A coat of Primer for the entire car and the Deck Lid and Tail Lights go on.

Page 19 And it's ready for the trip home.