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Yep, I picked up a pretty nice C-Body so I can go asphalt cruising for the rest of the summer.  I've got it registered for this year's MOPARFest in New Hamburg, ON.

Here are some of the pictures that I got from the seller.


There's a couple of trim pieces that need to go back on, but they are there.


Bumpers will shine up pretty nicely. Not perfect, but far from bad.


This was the deal clincher. It is almost perfect and all original.


Everything except the A/C works perfectly. Power windows, power locks, power seat, 8 track AM Radio, lights, buzzers, everything.

Call me Captain R/T

Rear bumper

Has a ding, but nothing worth worrying about. Some NOS tail lights come with the car, too!

4-door Hardtop

There's no post when all the windows are rolled down. You can toss a medium-sized dog right through the car without hitting anything.

The helm.

I never thought the experience of driving a 74 Buick LeSabre for a year and a half would ever come in handy again.


The car VIN decodes out to:

Model C Chrysler
Price Class H High
Body Type 43 4-door Hardtop
Engine T 440 cubic inch 4 bbl V8
Year 1 1971
Assembly Plant C Jefferson, MI
Sequence Number ###### ######

There's a few things that need to get cleaned up in order to get it certified for the road. I'm taking it to my friend's shop, MY Classic Auto Body for that work. I hope to get a few pictures of the work, but I'll have some "after" shots for sure.


Here are a bunch of pictures that I took when I got it home. Some look pretty nasty, but really aren't. Overall, things are nice and solid. I've got a list of things that need to be done to get it safetied, and besides the body work that I knew was needed, only some hoses, lines, one ball joint and brake work are needed. Not too bad at all.

Original Operator's Manual

Where's my purple fur fedora?

What you see for 3 hours when you try to pass me on a single lane highway.

That bumper weighs as much as a Honda Civic.

The body trim is mostly in great shape. a couple of pieces will need some attention.

Jack instructions still there. Overall, the decklid is very nice. The rust along the back lip is surface rust. This car was rust-proofed.

See? The trunk floor looks like it did in 1971.

Rear window defogger. I'd hesitate to call it a defroster as it only pulls air in from the interior.

Original jack looks like it's been used only once.

I have the "C" trim to finish this off.

Wrap around front bumper.

Rear Passenger door.

Rear interior shot.

That's a cigarette lighter for the rear passenger side. There's one on the driver side as well.

Front Passenger door.

Dash from the passenger side.

You need binoculars to see the speedo from the passenger seat.

Headliner is perfect. Sun visors are nice too.

Front bench seat is power-adjustable.

Up. Down. Front. Back. Front tilt. Rear tilt.

Pedal Dress up kit and 5 pine trees. The inside smells nice and clean - it almost has a new car smell.

The helm.

Driver's side front door. I have some replacement door pulls to fix that one there.

Rear Driver's side door.

Rear seat and some of the extra goodies that came with the car.

Two NOS tail lights still in the box. Chrome trim included.

Right hand fender body trim piece. NOS with the label stil on it and mounting hardware included.

There's the replacement door pulls.

The "C" trim fr the front grille.

It's hard to get a good picture of the engine. The bay is so big.

440 4 barrel.

It fires right up. Runs nice and smooth.

If you see this coming at you and don't get out of the way..'ll likely have this view shortly afterwards