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bulletI have a Dodge Charger that I am restoring. Check the links below for information on my car, the restoration project, and interesting links about Chargers and other MOPARs:



MOPAR and Dodge Charger Links


bullet Home Automation - I have automated a number of lights in the house and have a wireless security camera system. I am working on more projects to take care of heating and air conditioning, lawn maintenance, and home entertainment.
bullet Home Automation Links



My daughter has, for the most part, given up on playing the electric guitar that she got for Christmas a couple of years ago. So, I use it almost daily for some "therapy". I call it "making noise" and that is essentially all I really do, but I'm getting better at it. ;)

My favourite artists to listen to include Wide Mouth Mason - a great Canadian band. Big Sugar - another fantastic Canadian group that has, unfortunately disbanded. The lead singer/guitarist, Gordie Johnson, went on to form Grady.

My all time hero as far a music is concerned is Stevie Ray Vaughan. He has a Fan Club and Double Trouble, SRV's band rolls on. The SRV Archive, Pride and Joy is another good site to check out.  Double Trouble drummer, Chris Layton is a member of Grady along with Gordie Johnson and bass player, Big Ben Richardson.

A very cool Canadian band, The Tragically Hip

I was recently made aware of a pretty neat music site where you can listen to all kinds of music for free. It's called Pandora. It's free to register.


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