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Here is a bunch of shots that I took while disassembling the car.


Dent in passenger quarter                                                                Another angle.

Another angle                                                                                    One more angle

The tail panel                                                                                    Again

 Hole below the passenger side tail light                                        Driver's side tail light.

 Just in front of the rear wheel - Driver's Side                                A little further forward

 A long shot of the driver's side rocker                                            Frame at the center cross member - Driver's side

Another shot                                                                                        More of the frame on the driver's side

Passenger side frame                                                                        See that overlap? I had to pry the centre cross member over that.

Driver's side just behind the fender                                                    Under the battery tray

Shot of passenger side front rail (Not bad looking)                        Some pitting on the roof after treating with Metal Ready.TM

Roof over rear window (looks good)                                            Trying to show how the driver's floor pan is lapped in.

Again                                                                                                More

Still trying.                                                                                        Driver's side front rail.

Again                                                                                                Again

More                                                                                                Back end of fender - driver's side.

Again                                                                                                Driver's side fender.

MMMMM Charger                                                                            Inside of passenger quarter

Again                                                                                                One more

Back deck need the speaker holes replaced (I have a panel for that)


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